I am starting a new thread here. I feel I have to.

I will try to rationally compose this first message. But please be aware
and be warned that this is a rant or a flame against iManager 2.0.2 and
its apparent inability to configure the BM 3.8 VPNs so that they will
properly initiaize and run right on NW 6.5.

I have done everything I can to make sure that, even though iManager
2.0.2 gives me erratic and I think, mostly spurious error messages when
I am carefully following Chapters 19 and 20 of the latest edition of
Craig Johnson's book on how to set up the BM 3.8 VPNs on NW 6.5, and
that I have done my best to make sure that the eDir schema has been
properly extended for the BM 3.8 VPNs, and also that the required
objects have been properly and fully created in the premises, I still
have the following problem:

I have a lab with one NW 6.5 server and one XP Pro workstation. I do NOT
run STARTBRD.NCF automatically. I run it manually anywhere from 15 - 30
minutes after NW 6.5, including NPKIT.NLM, has properly initialized and
stabilized. When I then run STARTBRD.NCF, everything loads except


++++++++++++ START MAIN PROBLEM DESCRIPTION ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

I then manually load VPMASTER.NLM, and it loads, and IMMEDIATELY HOGS
the CPU 85%+.

Undaunted, I then manually load AUTHGW.NLM. When I do that, it throws
the FFFFFB3D error, which relates (apparently) to NPKIT.NLM not being
properly loaded and initialized. Since before running STARTBRD.NCF, I
always check to see if NPKIT.NLM IS properly loaded and initialized (and
it appears to be), I do not understand what AUTHGW's problem is in this

Neither do I understand why VPMASTER won't auto-load when STARTVPN.NCF
is loaded through STARTBRD.NCF.

++++++++++++ STOP MAIN PROBLEM DESCRIPTION +++++++++++++++++++++++++++

BTW I have applied the following, beyond the NW 6.5 and BM 3.8
distribution CDs:

NW 6.5 SP1a
BM 3.8 SP1a
nmsrv233 package
Maintenance upgrade 3 for iManager 2.0.2
VPN.NBM + IKE.NLM from Novell VPN 3.X.5 (3.8.5) client package

And I have tried first without either the MU 3 or the new VPN.NBM, then
just without the VPN.NBM, and finally, with BOTH MU 3 and the new
VPN.NBM on iManager 2.0.2, but nothing seems to asuage the beast.

This is only a gut feeling, but I still think there is something very,
very flakey about iManager 2.0.2, and that Novell needs to work on that
thing a good deal, or give us another way to configure the BM 3.8 VPNs,
like through ConsoleOne snapins, or even back to NWADMIN32, if need be.
I have NEVER in my life had any problem with any Novell product, except
these ****ed BM 3.8 VPNs, which were not that broken in BM 3.7, IMHO,
and did NOT NEED FIXING all that much, or they sure as hell did not need
to be "fixed" the way they were!!

Thank you.

Tom Simpson, CNE 4, 4.11, 5, 6, MCNE x 5, MCSE NT 4.0, Win2K
Omaha, NE