I've been asked to update our POA on the Linux box to 8.02 HP2 to troubleshoot some issues we're having with the Data Synchronizer.

I was told that updating the agents on Linux was much easier than on Netware, in that you could simply update the files, and stop/restart the processes, thus minimizing any downtime (whereas with Netware, you had to take the agents down before you could even begin the process).

Is this correct? For example, I can run the update, choose INSTALL PRODUCTS | GROUPWISE AGENTS | INSTALL AGENTS to copy the updated code. Is it then a matter of simply running "rcgrpwise restart" to load the new code? Or must I run the CONFIGURE AGENTS first?

This doesn't seem to be very well-documented, and this is the first time I've had an opportunity to update the Linux version of Groupwise, but of course, it's hard to get downtime, too, and my Data Synchronizer system is broken until I can get my POA updated.

Any suggestions?