Dear Everybody,
I hope that anyone can help me out here.
I'v got to BM servers both NW6.5 BM38 SP1 and the newest TCPIP stack (nici version)
I am trying to build a S2S configuration but ran in to problems with the authentication.
The first problems were that we got the message :
Failed to create IKE-SA certificate authentication failure
It turned out that the subject name in the certificate should be O=TREE.CN=IPAddress.

Once we changed that communications started working better. But the errors we get now after 15 initiations are :
Retransmit timer expired : Peer lost our reply retransmit the okd packet to
IKE-SA is deleted- packet retransmit exceeded the llmit,
After a while the first error pop up again which seems normal.

Are these network problems? The master is connected to the internet with a 2 MB leased line and the slave is connected to an ADSL 1024/1024
Another remarkable issue is that during the boot the serer experience soms delays in timesync (waiting for tcpip to initilialize) Have these problems anything to do with the nice version of the tcpip stack.
Thanks very much in advance everybody.

Kind Regards
David van der Maas