We have one office on our WAN that is having trouble copying files from
two specific servers at our main office. The connectivity between the
offices is a Master/Slave Bordermanager 3.7 VPN, where the remote office
is the slave.

The problem we are experiencing is that we are trying to copy files from a
server at the main office to the local desktop computer in the remote
office. When we do this, we receive the errors (1) "Error copying file.
Cannot copy "filename": The specified network name is no longer
available", and (2) "Cannot copy "filename": Error performing inpage

My troubleshooting steps have yielded the following conclusions.

1. We have a second VPN site on the same VPN and this site does not have
any problems. This makes me tend to think that the VPN is not the issue.
Or, that at least the master side is not the issue.

2. The two servers that yield this error are both running NFAP. Both
have CIFSPROX.NLM loaded. Other servers (that are not running NFAP) do
not yield any errors.

3. We are running the 4.83SP2E client. I removed the client and tried
using the "Microsoft Netware Client". We DID NOT see any errors when
using this client. However, when I reinstalled the 4.83 client and
patched to SP2e, we then saw the errors (again).

4. The workstations are Windows XP SP1 with current critical updates.

5. There are no problems if we copy from the remote VPN server to a
desktop at the main office. The problem only occurs if we are at the
remote location copying from the main office to the remote office.

Has anyone seen this problem before ?

Any suggestions as to how to troubleshoot this problem would be

Thank you.