I am trying to get C2S VPN working to a BM3.8SP1a server with 3.8.5 updates (NW6.0 SP4) which is located behind a Dlink DSL 504 router. The DLink router has one static public IP address and connects to the internet using an ADSL connection

According to the documentation the DLink router does 'VPN pass-though'

When I connect a client PC (WIN XP, VPN client 3.8.5) directly to the DLink router (has 4 LAN ports) and point the VPN client to the BM public address it works perfectly (using cert authentication). The BM public card is also connected to one of these LAN ports.

When I dialup to the internet and try connecting to the static public address of the DLink router it fails dismally with errors about invalid VPN server address. I can ping the static public address of the Dlink router.

I have set the DMZ config on the Dlink router to point to the pubic address of the BM server, I have also tried forwarding the standard VPN ports to the BM public address with no joy. (No option for protocol 51 - only UDP and TCP ports)

The BM public card has NAT disabled - should this be static or static and dynamic ? If so what static settings would I use ?

Anything else I can try before I throw the DSL 504 out the nearest window ?


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