I have upgraded all our local servers and a couple of regional servers to OES2 SP3, using the online updates through yast2 and selecting the "upgrade to OES2 SP3" box. After the initial script install, and then the rerun of the update to do the actual update all looks good. Then I reboot the server and it asks me for the Admin password to upgrade eDir.

This worked fine for some servers, but others are having issues saying the password is wrong (which it is not). If I just continue I can see the eDir versions have been updated and all seems fine, it just becomes an irritation now that every time the server boots it asks me for the Admin password and will not go further. I have tried placing the obfuscated password in the answer file as well without success.

Is there a way to run this process after I have logged in or even better to tell the server that it is done and not to ask me everytime?