I'm running BM3.8 on a newly upgraded NSBS 6.5 SP1a server. My main
interest is moving towards VPN - behind a Draytek Vigor 2600x router.

When I use iManager to creat a VPN server following the instructions in
Craig's book, it lets me create the VPN server, but when I try to set it
up as the Master S2S Server - whn it gets to Apply, iManager returns the
message "The System encountered an unknown error. Please Contact Novell
Support". The details report begins with

com/novell/service/nds/naming/NdsNameParser at
com.novel.imanage.vpn.VpnAction.putNDS(vpnAction.j ava:522) at

I have tried several times to move beyond this point but hit an error

Any thoughts?

Worth a re-install?


Colin Quine

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