We are imaging a bunch of new PCs with Windows 7 and are having a hard
time figuring out how to automatically name them as they get imaged by
ZCM. Previously, we had been running XP and used a program called wsname
to name each PC using a 5 character hardware code and the last 6 digits
of the MAC address. We are not tied to that naming scheme, but would
like to find some way for ZCM to name each PC uniquely as it is imaged.

I see that ZCM updates the SID when it finishes imaging, but I haven't
found a setting to have it update the workstation name, so that they are
not all the same as the imaged computer.

In the past we have not done anything with sysprep. Are we going to need
to learn how to use that to accomplish this? Or can ZCM rename the PCs
for us?

Timothy M. Musa
Community Consolidated School District 93
Carol Stream, IL