Webaccess 8 on Groupwise 8 on OES Netware 6.5 server with SP8.

Until this past weekend, we hosted our own website at http:\\www.owzw.com. I had things setup so that when our users entered https:\\www.owzw.com into their browser, they would be redirected to a secondary internal ip address which handled the web access requests. Once they click through a security certificate name mismatch warning, the url address bar would change to https:\\www.owzw.com\gw\webacc and they would login.

Now, after our website was moved to a new hosting service, the service set up a secondary pointer, https:\\www2.owzw.com, that redirects webaccess requests back to our server, which works upto the point where we get the certificate name mismatch warning. When clicking through the warning, the url address bar changes to https:\\www.owzw.com\gw\webacc (note the missing 2 after www) and then fails with a "Cannot display webpage" error.

I think that I need to change something, somewhere from www.owzw.com to www2.owzw.com. Does this sound correct? If so, where would that change nned to be made? The certificate, a webaccess setting, a conf file somewhere? I have been looking through the various settings but haven't found anything that looks like it would help. If I enter https:\\www2.owzw.com\gw\webacc manually into my address bar, and click through the certificate warning, everything works fine and I can login in without issue.

Any help would be greatly apprecciated.

Scott Schaffer
Network Admin
Olive Waller Zinkhan & Waller LLP