Hey all,

I have an OES2.3-LX fully patched on a Dell Poweredge 1950. It has iFolder3 and NetStorage on it. We connect to a SAN via iscsi. This is where our ifolder3 data will be kept. When shutting down it stops and says "shutting down swap volume" Below, I got this from the var/log/boot.omsg file. I believe it is trying to unmount the /ifolder3 volume. It bombs, then just stops and skips stopping the iscsi service.

umount: /ifolder3: device is busy
umount: /ifolder3: device is busy
Stopping iSCSI initiator service: skipped

So, I entered the following command in the etc/init.d/halt.local file: /etc/init.d/open-iscsi stop Now it just hangs at the screen telling me "RUNNING etc/init.d/halt.local The server simply won't shut down.

Any ideas.