I have "small" simple problem. I have GW Server 8.0.2. I have GW Internet Access (GWIA) installed. I can send e-mailes from clients to internet via built-tin SMTP protocol. It works actually.

But... I try to find place in C1 or wherever else which is responsible for setting list of external POP3 accounts, accounts placed on my current Internet Provider's server. So my simple need is to map, to be able to connect and download as server GW and to server GW many POP3 accounts from my current e-mail Server. And than which e-mail adress (external POP3 account) should be saved to which mailbox / user in my GW Server. I'm not talking about mapping that accounts indirectly, via setting in Clients !!! Everything must go via GW Server and automatically.

I dont want to change that state of course (= reach e-mailes from Internet directly to my local GW Server changing MX in DNS of my domain). Nope. I just want to map, to download posts from external mailboxes via POP3 or IMAP protocole. Nothing else.

I'm fluent in Microsoft systems. There is just simply POP3 Connector for Exchange. SMall utility whish is simple list of login, pass, POP3 server adress and name of mailbox where to save such downloaded e-mailes. I just need the same functionally utility or page in C1 or any other place ;-)))


Cause Google are blind for that simple "problem" :-((( I know - Novell describes POP3 solution in GW8 Admin book, but... only as I want to be POP3 Server for external clients. This is slightly different, reversed sittuation :-]]] I want to connect to POP3 accounts, not to server POP3 accounts :-]]]]