Hi there. BM 3.6ee on nw5.1sp7 mature and stable and patched and all that. Recently we migrated our internet services from one ISP to another (from company GCI to company ACS) and revised IP address config all complete and successful. Now though, when I attach to the LAN from home with my VPN Client (BM3.7 or 3.8 on winxpsp1), and then try to run an application - say, PCAnywhere, the application locks up and the PCA sessions aborts. VPN connection seems fine, mind you, authentication looks good, encryption is fine. PING is ok. It is just when I try to load an application that it fails, whereas it worked fine before.

Here is the weird part: Although this fails from my home (over a cable modem from company GCI), it works when I try it from my office over our former DSL link (also company GCI).

This really is a bummer since I have no remote administration capability right now. Another thing: When I try to run client/server apps - graphon (a citrix wannabe) or gwremote - everything works fine. The problem is exclusively with the VPN client, running over the cable modem.

ideas? thanks