I have to move 30 users out of 140 users from an exisiting groupwise system to an entirely new site, new eDirectory tree and new groupwise 8.0 system. There is no network connectivity between the old and new site. All usernames and passwords are provided.

What are my options in "migrating" these users from their old site to the new site?

Currently, after doing some digging, these appear to be my options :

1) In Place Archive
Setup user in new email domain. Configure a forwarder on each of the 30 users email accounts to forward mail to users email box in the new domain. Sit at a machine with the groupwise client on. Change the startup switch of the groupwise client to /@u-?. Login as each user and archive their entire mailbox to a location. Repeat for 30 users. Go to new site with backed up archives of 30 users. Change FID on archive to new user accounts FID using GW5AFE (will this work on GW7 archives?).

2) File Copy
Backup individual mailfolders (FID based) on the old GW Server. Create a new user account on the new GW server and change the user accounts FID to be the old FID. Copy the mailfolder to the new GW server.

I am not sure that either of these are correct or if i have missed steps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.