Help if possible... I hope this makes sense.

Our Tree BLAHTREE has a mobility server with around 70 users it worked a treat.

Today we upgraded two of our servers to OES2 SP3, these are at our main data centre and afterwards for no reason we had a crash we recovered and got everything working. So only these two Servers are on SP3 we have 5 others spread over 3 more sites that are all on oes2 sp2...

Now after this crash we restarted groupwise. Then... one of our smaller sites said all iphone users had lost their contact and calender appointments. At our main site and our two other sites everyone is fine no problems with their iPhones but on this one site. Emails work but contacts and appointments have all stopped working and I don't really know where to look. Any advaice would be greatly appreciated.

I have tried just stopping and restarting the groupwise server at the effected site and this has made no different. I have got the users to try 3G through the internet rather than our internal wireless network and it's exactly the same. It's as if our mobility server has forgotten how to sync the contacts / calenders at this site. I told one user to completely resync, and that did not solve it. On another user I changed him from syncing 3 address books to none, then added just one of his address books back. Again, nothing has appeared on his phone.

I'm a bit stuck and help or inspired suggestions as to where to look would be appreciated I cannot see anything in particular in a log that says oh this is not working.