I hope this is the right spot to ask, and hope someone can assist in pointing me in the right direction.
I ran into a situation on 3 devices where an iPhone or iPad would not connect. I'm sure the device was configured properly and User did appear in the "Data Synchronizer GroupWise Connector. In the Mobility Connector the user also looked good, but when clicking on Monitor (default.pipeline1.mobility monitor) all the other devices show the Device and say Normal. The Problem device shows as "Never Connected (Uninitialized).
My assumption is the iPhone is not communicating with the Mobility connector or "Data Synchronizer server)
What or where can I see if the device is attempting to connect?
I looked at the /var/log/datasync/connectors/default.pipeline1.mobility-AppInterface.log
I didn't notice an error for that bad device.
Can you point me to what or where I might look?
15 other devices are working very well.
Thank you in advance!