When I turn on the VPN (its configured and working) with "startvpn" my
server utilization fluctuates. Its normally between 1%-3% however when
the VPN modules are loaded the utilization floats between the normal
1%-3% for a few seconds up to 45%-80% for a few seconds and then back
down to 1%-3% for a few seconds in a cycle.

This seems to cause problems with connections being dropped as they are
passing through the firewall for my users (ie. Instant Messengers
disconnecting and reconnecting, SSH & Telnet unresponsiveness,
occasional web page timeout).

There are no VPN users logged in at the times that this happens, as we
only have a few who do and they all work in the office.

The server is NW6.5 sp2
BorderManager 3.8 sp2(beta)

The server was NW6.5sp1a w/ BM3.8sp1a but I moved to BM3.8SP2(beta) to
see if the problem stopped. It did not so I moved to the next Netware
service pack (NW6.5sp2).

I've looked that the busiest threads with console monitor and "Java_429
NBMSCM: TSEvent" seems to move to the 3rd place with the same frequency
of the high utilization, but I can't look at both the utilization and
thread screen at the same time to know for sure. I thought at one point
I could look at the processes utilization individually in real time
somewhere, but I forgot where or was dreaming :).

If I run "stopvpn" the utilization cycle stops.

Anyone have any ideas?

Nicholas Lemberger