I want to have a totaly interferance free installation of Win7 + standard bundles......

This is where we are today:
First off I made an image according to the terrific guide provided in Cools solutions (scriptet unatended win7 installation)

After image is downloaded to the client pc it starts up, Windows 7 finalizes and as the last step installs Novell Client 2 and ZCM 11 agent and then reboots

And everything works fine but .......

what I want is for the computer to Automaticly login with a predefined user called "install"

This user has Office bundle and alot of other bundles set to install on login and when these items are installed the client should reboot and be ready to be used buy the user.

I have tried to ad these values
Novell Documentation

Value Type=REG_SZ, Name=AutoAdminLogon, Data=1
Value Type=REG_SZ, Name=DefaultUserName, Data=eDirectory username
Value Type=REG_SZ, Name=DefaultLocationProfile, Data=profile to use (that is, Default)
Value Type=REG_SZ, Name=DefaultPassword, Data=the user's eDirectory password

But as the client is to fast to login the edirectory connection is not finished so I get an error message saing that the tree or server could not be found (this I get when I try to login to quick manualy also)

So is there any other way to do this without this registry hack or any other soltution that I have not thought of.

I should ad that some of the installations is run of the network so there must be a user loged in to the edir.

Thank you