Hi all: I am having trouble keeping the size of roaming profiles down. We use a combination of roaming profiles and folder redirection. Our corp. policy is to have a predefined set of desktop icons, wall paper, etc. but also allow users to reposition stuff on there desktop. We also want users who move to other offices to have their desktop and other settings follow them. Therefore I use folder redirection for things like the start menu, startup, desktop via adm and roaming profiles for the rest.

To help limit the profile size, I prevent certain profile folders from syncing (i.e. local settings). However over time the profiles continue to grow, especially the Application Data folder. One option I am toying with is to use folder redirection to move "Application Data" out of the Profile folder and on a server. However, this will probably impact those users who travel to our branch offices and access this folder across our T1.

Anyone else have to tackle a similar problem? What did you find works best? Thanks in advance, Chris.