Running Netware 6.5sp2/BM3.8sp2a, and have succesfully got the client site
VPN running after following Craig's excellent book (the standard Novell
documentation is simply confusing and poorly laid out in regard to this).
Anyhow my question is in regard to traffic rules, according to the book if
you have multiple private subnets behind the the VPN server you can add each
network address separately to the traffic destination rule, however if you
try and specify more than one network the software comes up and tells you
that you can only add one network per rule. This doesn't make sense to me,
am I missing something?

Enter the network address of your internal LAN (behind the BorderManager
server). If you have multiple subnets inside your LAN, you will need to add
each network address separately. In this example, only network
( is being made available by VPN.

Thanks in advance.

Rod Harrison