I have been attempting to setup a C2s vpn on Nw60sp4 and bm38sp1.
After configuring the server with Imanager 2.02 nothing starts.
No vptunnel,vpmaster,authgw or Ike. A manual load of of Starvpn causes
High utilization and requires a server reboot.

I have the same setup working on a test server here on the bench.

I did a Java -show on both servers and found that the sever that auto
loads the vpn has the following lines.

org.apache.catalina.startup.bootstrap 236
com.novell.scm.serviceConfigurationManager 378

The server the does not load the vpn has the following output from the
Java -show command.

org.apache.catalina.startup.bootstrap 285
vrts.hro.netr.rmi.Server.ServerMain 688

Scmlib.nlm is not loaded. Any idea why this nlm is not loading?
I setup I manager 2.02 on bothe servers. Java is 1.4.2.
These 2 servers are basically setup identically. Can you manaully load
this NLM? What have I missed here? Help!!!!