ZCM 10.3.3 (server and agent)
Windows 7 Enterprise x64
Novell Client 2 SP 1 IR7

I have set the following registry keys on my workstation:
DisablePassiveModeLogin - 1
DisablePassiveModeLoginPrompt - 1
HonorWorkstationOnlyLogin - 1

I use a different username and password for my local workstation than my Novell credentials, I don't want them synchronized.
When I log into Novell, it spins for a little while and then says something like 'Invalid workstation credentials'. If I click ok it prompts me for my Windows login information, if I put that in then it logs in OK. Before I installed the ZenAgent it worked fine without the workstation login would let me login into Novell and then prompt for workstation password, all was good. After ZenAgent it has to take time to error on the workstation login first.

We aren't using any policies and we don't have AD.