First off... I know only enough about VPNs to be dangerous.

Okay, Scenario:

BM 3.8 SP2a on NW6.5 (dynamic NAT, no access rules)

Vendors at our site, we have no VPN here configured, want to access their
Company VPNs.

One is Cisco, one is Nortel. I've gone through and verified the filters
for Client to Site were added back in to my filter exceptions. (we removed
them since we use no VPNs)

Even with Filters dropped the Cisco client wouldn't connect, I haven't yet
tried the Nortel client.

The Vendor PCs are on our Private network... so can anyone put into
English what I need to do here? All the TIDs and FAQs only confused me
more I think. Most of them had very brief answers that didn't seem to
really answer any of my questions.

Ben S.