In the Novell official documentation the "workaround" to this credential chaining issue is to manually login right clicking the ZCM agent icon !
Not really SSO :)
Anyway we discovered by chance that it is the ORDER of installation that is important. If the ZCM agent is not installed before the VMware Agent + Tools + UserExperince/Blast the chaining will most likely fail. The reason being that the VMware agents DO NOT pass on the credentials - We are in luck that the ZCM agent does this :)
Note This:
Seamless Authentication fails on a Windows 7 virtual device
Explanation: If both ZENworks Adaptive Agent and VMWare View agent are installed on a Windows 7 virtual device hat is provisioned in a VMWare VDI environment, then seamless login to ZENworks fails on the device.
Action: Use the ZENworks icon to log in to ZENworks.
Note this:
Third-party single sign-on products
When installing third-party SSO programs, we recommend that you install the 3rd-party product first then install the View Agent