I did the following:
Set up 2 OES2 SP3 Servers and installed clustering, dns and dhcp.

The cluster uses a sbd partition on an external storage. Both servers are members.

Then I tried to cluster-enable the dns server and followed this guide: Novell Documentation

In it states that the DNSDHCP-Group is to be selected. Which one? The one in the container of server1 or the one in the container of server2?

What exactly is the virtual ncp server spoken of in

When I try to start the server as described in I get the following:

critical:  Unable to read locator reference from NCP server
critical:  Failed to load RRs of rootserver zone with error -10
error:  none:0: open: /media/nss/IPMANDNSVOL/etc/opt/novell/named/named.conf: file not found
critical:  loading configuration: file not found
critical:  exiting (due to fatal error)
Any hints?

lg, Mike