Is there a chance that Novell thinks to give the management of
the /etc/gateways updates to the human instead of forcing updates without
taking care of what's existing ? At least the choice should be given !

I've 2 two BM37 servers in the same LAN (let say and connected to Internet, running fine since a while and
recently updated to BM38 (not pleasant to do..)

In order to manage/balance the trafic between the two lines and provide
some redundancy i just put a RO attribute on the /etc/gateways file to
avoid local resources declared protected by server No1 to be reachable by
server No2 and attached DMZ through the VPN circuit.. And i manage
manually the few static routes that i want to keep under my control. Once
it's done they stay at "being configured" but it works ! Otherwise the
funny algorythm of the master/slave feature makes the update by itself
with sometime some "funny" results

I know that it's not supported but it works fine with BM37 and in a few
days i'll know if it works fine with BM38..

Question/Suggestion : Why not to put some fields in the configuration
tools to let the admin decide wether or not he wants to propagate a route
into the remote /etc/gateways files ??

By the way doesn someone at Novell will address soon this crazy
timesync.nlm that we have to unload the reload in order to have the time
synchronized ???

Robin Noyer