We have a problem with our NW6.5.8 server with TFS volumes.
The users can't anymore copy some files to the volume and get all the time the error: Error expanding VOL1 directory because directory size limit was exceeded.

So I know about the 16 Mio directory limit on TFS and that's why I checked the used directories on this volume and NRM show me the following informations:

Total directory entries 16,777,216
Used directory entries 11,073,520
Extended directory space 3584

Then I found the TID10096540 which explains the relationship with the Name Spaces. We have 3 Name Spaces on this Volume, DOS, MAC and LONG. So strange, with 3 Name Spaces we should had this problem much earlier if the TID is right, because 16,7 Mio / 3 = 5.56 Mio directories and we have allready 11 Mio.

So Question 1:

We don't need the MAC Name Space anymore. Would it help to remove the MAC Name Space with VRepair or is it useless and just dangerous to corrupt the whole volume?

Question 2:

I added 2 new disks to the Raid Controller, created a new partition in NRM, but if I try to extend the Volume I get always the error on the console:

NRM DiskCarve ERR:MM_VOLUME_EXPAND (VOL1)during EXPAND_STR operation -3006(FFFFF442) 65547(1000B) 42(2A) 0(0) 573470720(222E7800)

Cache memory allocator out of available memory.

Thank you for any suggestions.