I am having difficulty connecting from home to my employer's LAN with
BorderManager and Netware. I am behind a Netgear router.

With "Login to NetWare" deselected, BorderManager successfully connects, but
doesn't really appear to be working. With it selected, I get an error that
says "The NetWare login attempt failed. The user is not logged in to

I guess what is interesting is that BorderManager is connecting but the
Netware login fails.

The problem has something to do with my little home router. If I connect my
pc directly into my cable modem, everything works perfectly.

I have attempted to open ports and such, but with no luck. I tried opening
the ones that the NetWare client specifically needs, no good. I then tried
opening EVERY port just to see, no good.

I have been researching and trying to figure this out FOREVER. Any ideas?