I'm not new to BorderManager, but I'm not familiar with VPN
configuration and I believe I have a need for it. I'm looking for
suggestions to accomplish secure connectivity for a home-based worker
into our network and, specifically, to a Unix-based server hosting our
loan servicing software. The workstation can be Windows XP but I am
also considering just doing a Linux installation since the computer will
be less likely to be used as a personal entertainment center.

Important factors and considerations:

1. SBS6.5 / BM3.8 at the office.
2. Client computer: connected to the web via DSL or cable modem, behind
any inexpensive choice of firewall. Personally I prefer Netgear
products (I really like their FVS318 for home use), but I can understand
if one of the Cisco / Linksys products is better suited.
3. VPN connection between the two, or use SSH from Linux into the Unix
4. At a later date I may be interested in connecting the home computer
to our SQL database host (another server, not Novell-based).

Does a VPN setup handle this (or is it even possible through a small
hardware firewall at the off-site location)? Or is it better to use BM
to present the Unix server and SQL server on the public interface (via
reverse proxy) and set up security in those systems as appropriate?

Any tips or pointers are appreciated. This is moving into new areas for
me and I may need the solution set up as soon as August 2nd.