I just centralized our dhcp server to HQ server, and zdm pxe boot stopped working.
HQ dhcp server is oes2 sp3 on sles10sp3.

zdm7 is on oes2 sp3 and sles 10 sp3

HQ dhcp is on site A
and zdm imaging server is on site B (WAN)

Where I have configured ip-helper address for dhcp server on the router at site B.

setup before centralized dhcp.

zdm worked as dhcp server and proxydhcp for the site B, where in the novell-proxydhcp.conf was edited to contain LocalDHCPFlag = 1.

question: Do I also add the ip-helper addresse of proxydhcp server (HQ proxydhcp, which is zdm imaging server for HQ) in the router. or do I configure the router differently?

Hope I get a reply quick.