Dear all,

I'm trying to delete files on a clustered NSS volume on a OES2SP3 server as root user via shell.
The rm -f test.doc command gives the following error message:
rm: cannot remove `test.doc': Permission denied
After verifying the volume with ncpcon nss verify=VOL1 we get this message:
... Executing " nss verify=VOL1"
[IRM difference] path="/" ncpirm="S" nssirm=""
[Trustee difference] path="/" fdn="Unknown(21350)" ncprights="" nssrights="SRWCEMFA"
I thought a resync of the database with ncpcon nss resync=VOL1 would fix this discrepancy
but we have still the differences when verifying.

I have already checked other threads and TIDs but nothing helped. Can anybody give some hints or solutions?