I got burned bad by the sky theme... Apparently the author completely
redid it. I've read the commentary on it and their opinion on it, but
seriously, they should have renamed the new one to something else
especially when you did the whole it'll work with D7 pledge. Anyway,
none of the primary menu's show, everything is borked. It's the same as
if I picked an entirely different theme. Joys.

That part is understandable. When I brought it up for the first time, I
had the white screen of death. If you run Drupal you know what I'm
talking about. I had to enable error reporting only to find out there
were field errors. Had to go into the fields and just save them again
for it to fix that. Not the first person to see that fortunately so
google turned up a fix pretty quick.

Not being the site designer and not having the time to learn it, I
reverted it back to 6 and went with the current security release. I'll
have to keep mucking with the non production site on the side until it's
sorted and then I can push it out to the live site.

I'm not really surprised that it had problems, but I did have that faint
hope that it might just work fine.