i have connected old NetWare NSS-Pools with a LUN move to a new OES2(Lx)

(Deaktivate the Lun on Netware; Presenting the LUN on the SLES/OES and
creating the objects)

This runs without problems. But now, after a day or two, it seems that the
File get decompressed by the Backup (tivoli) and after that not compressed

How can i check the NSS parameter for compression? It seems that nsscon does
not know the options.

#> nsscon nss /CompressionDailyCheckStartingHour
gives me an:
option "/CompressionDailyCheckStartingHour" is unknown for the current NSS
configuration and may require other NSS modules to be loaded.

Where are the parameter stored? On the pool? Or on the server? It is
possible that the new OES Server waits the default 14 Days during a file is
not touched to compress them?