I'm sure I have a bad UPS (APC Smart 1500). When I got home from vacation (it
was fab by the way!), my ReadyNAS NV+ was off (it doesn't power back on after a
power failure - double pout - but it just holds our network NSS volumes, and no
one was here to care - heehee), and my main GW server showed it had been up
since June 22. Both of those are on the same UPS. Nothing else in the place
had a power problem. The UPS shows full battery charge, and only about 20%
(first green bar) in load. I actually SAW it flash once about a month ago when
I was in the basement relocating cords everywhere, and thought maybe I had
accidentally jiggled the plug. But since it happened on the 22nd of June while
I was away, and now again on the 6th of July (oddly 14 days apart as if it's
some kind of a cycle), I guess there must be something that is causing it to
glitch out. Guess I have to get a new one!

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