I have a user that claims when she sends email from her iPhone4, the messages don't send. Checking her sent mail/items on the phone and GW mailbox show that nothing was sent. She is the only iPhone user experiencing this issue. Examining the log files, I did find the following entries:

2011-07-05 09:06:55.510 INFO [Thread-6] [AppInterface:420] [userID:jane_smith] [eventID:default.pipeline1.mobility-source-soapbridge.cfaf1f56a6ff11e09fa2000c29923e61] [objectID:default.pipeline1.mobility-source-soapbridge.cfaf1f56a6ff11e09fa2000c29923e61] [CheckPoint] processEngineEvent:

2011-07-05 09:06:55.633 WARNING [Thread-6] [AppInterface:831] [userID:] [eventID:] [objectID:] [] engineEventReceived: sendItemRequest: Groupwise returned an error:

I am still running Datasync Build 290 and my GroupWise backend is version 8.0.2sp1 (7/7/2010).