This is my first go at setting up windows 7 professional in our environment. This system is being loaded as my image master. Occasionaly when I attempt to login to the workstation, I get the message "logging into Network" then "Network login succeeded", then it just sits at that screen. I can't do anything to get beyond there, there is an option to cancel, but then I just have a blank screen. The only option left is to power the system off and reboot. If I log on locally only, it logs in ok.

Workstation hardware: HP Z400, xeon 2.4, 8 gb ram, Nvidia quadro 600 1 GB

The workstation is running:
Windows 7 Pro SP1 64 bit
Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows IR7 configured with LDAP contextless login
ZCM Version ZAM Version, ZPM Version ZESM Version - DLU policy enabled and working fine on logins that do complete
ZCM Adaptive agent Version

Thanks in advance for any assistance!!