I have run into an issue with Visual Foxpro apps on Windows 7 Client 2
IR7. If one W7 install is the only user accessing the app, all works
well. If the app has been opened by any other user, either W7, XP or
W2K running the appropriate client first, it fails not being able to
open foxuser.dbf. The server I have been testing with is NW6.5SP8 with
all the patches. Disabling L2 oplocks and client file caching on the
server (everything is rebooted to insure settings take) does not resolve
the problem. Disabling client file caching on the W7 workstation does
resolve the problem. From this, it looks to me like the problem is in
the caching code on the client. I realize that we do not want to cache
database files, however it is too bad that everything else has to live
without caching too. Can someone tell me if the same will happen if the
VFP app is moved to an OES2 server, or is this strictly a client issue?