We are working on a move to Win7 and ZCM10, currently running 10.3.3 with
Novell Client 2 SP1 on the Win7 PC. Right now I am working on
configuring a DLU Policy assigned to all workstations to login using
"specified credentials". I have created a "CCSD93" user with a known
password on the local machine and want the DLU to use that account, so I
have also checked the "Manage existing account" option. This
configuration worked with WinXP and ZDM7. This allows anyone accessing a
PC to see the same desktop, plus allows for "Workstation only" login if
necessary, using "CCSD93" and the known password.

From what I have tested, this works the first time logging into the PC.
However, after that first login, the password for the "CCSD93" account
has changed and the DLU no longer works. After the Novell login, we are
prompted that the local user credentials are invalid.

Any ideas?

Timothy M. Musa
Community Consolidated School District 93
Carol Stream, IL