We are currently running XPSP3 fully patched.

Prior to imaging, we installed Microsoft Forefront Protection and NCleaner to scan and clean the image. Afterwards we created images on both the network and to external USB drives from all 5 machines using the Zenworks July 2nd 2011 Boot ISO version 10.3.3. We are also running Deepfreeze and AntiEXE.

Previous to the ForeFront and NCleaner the images were restoring fine.

Now all restores result in a loop on XP bootup. They are unable to go into safe mode. A video recording shows a bluescreen error as 0x024 before the restart.

So far we have tried:
- using command line to wipe all the partition data on the destination harddrive.
- uninstalling and reinstalling antiexe
- reinstalling and making an image with Forefront installed
- checkdsk

As we speak, we are uninstalling an reinstalling the ZDM7SP1IR4HP3_DesktopAgent on the master laptop.

I have searched and found this problem reported previously. Has anyone found the source and fix of the issue? We would like to repair the master images and create workable images from them.

All help and replies are appreciated.