We are running BM3.8.2 on NW6.5sp2.

I have created a S2S vpn link to a Linksys RV08 vpn router.

We seem to be getting there after a bit of tweaking, but I am little
confused by the fact that the Linksys has diffent encryption and key
life time options for Phase 1 and Phase 2, whereas there only appears
to be one area to set this in BM - under the 3rd party rules. Does
this mean that the BM settings are for both Phases and that I should
therefore set them the same for both Phases on the Linksys?

We started out using 3DES/MD5 on both sides but the first time BM tried
to recreate keys, it reported that the remote was using MD5 and BM was
using SHA, even though we had set both BM and Linksys to MD5.
Switching both to 3DES/SHA1 instead seemed to help - but surely it
should have tried to use the method that we had configured?

I have struggled to find any guides to linking with 3rd party VPN
routers (other than Checkpoint FW1 & Cisco). Are there any?