Normally, when Notify pops up and says there is a new e-mail, I can click on the "Read" button and the e-mail will be opened up for reading.

When I am in a folder in my cabinet that has been shared to me by another user, that functionality doesn't work. When I receive the Notify popup, I click on the "Read" button, but the e-mail doesn't open. GroupWise will flicker a little like it is trying to do something, and the e-mail is removed from the Notify List. In the Mailbox, the e-mail is left unread.

When in any other folder or when in the Mailbox, Sent Items, Trash, wherever, when I click the "Read" button, the e-mail opens up and is brought to the foreground for reading.

This issue just started when we upgraded to GW8 a couple months ago.

Has anyone else run into this problem? Is there a way to change this functionality?



GroupWise 8.0.2
NetWare 6.5 SP8