I have a couple of queries about Access Control Rules that I am hoping someone can answer for me.

We are running GW 8.0.2 with a single GWIA for our external (SMTP) mail. The access control is set up as follows:

Default Class of Service (allow SMTP in and out, IMAP and POP3) assigned to Everyone.
Allow Internet Email (allow SMTP in and out, allow IMAP, deny POP3) assigned to a distribution list.
Deny Internet Email (deny SMTP in (with some source exceptions for internal systems) deny SMTP out, Deny IMAP and POP3) assigned to a distributon list. We add every user to this dist list by default.

The net effect of these rules is that unless a user is added to the distribution lsit that the Allow Internet Email rule is assigned to they cannot send or receive SMTP mail. This is what we are after. These rules were set up some time ago by another adminstrator who is no longer around.

My first query is relates to the order of the rules. Are they evaluated in any particular order? If so what determines the precedence?

My second query is can we dispense with the specific Deny Internet Email rule we have in place by changing the Default Class of Service to DENY SMTP in and out or does this Class of Service need to be Allow for some reason. I note that I cannot delete the Default Clss of Service or change its membership. I can, however, edit it.

Finally, I would like to set things up so that we can allow only a small group of people to send mail to a particular domain. These people are already members of the distribution list that allows SMTP out. What I am planning to do is:

Create a distribution list and add the people who need this access to it.
Modify the Allow Internet Email Class of service so that the SMTP out has an exception added for the domain we want to control.
Create a new Class of Service that allows SMTP out with out any exceptions and assign the membership of this to the distribution list created above.

Will this stop everyone who is allowed to send SMTP mail from sending to the nominated domain excpet for those people in the new distribution list?

Thanks for any help or suggestions.