SLES 11 SP1, ZCM 10.3.3.
Not sure it is connected with upgrading SLES 11 to SP1 (see thread http://forums.novell.com/novell/nove...11-sp1-ok.html), but this is first time using ZCM I see that web access to ZCC is down for so long. With SLES 11 SP0 time-to-time I got info that snmp or http was down, but it went back. Today suddenly http/https down and ... that's it. When I run SystemStatus it show "http://localhost:80/zenworks/zccstatus. Ensure that the web server is started.". Well, yes, web server seems to is not started. Trying to Google to find out something, but nothing much couldn't find. Seems to, also, other services and server in general is OK. Also, nothing I can spot strange in system nor zenworks logs. Last entry in zcc.log is about to http went down, also last entry in services-messages.log. Haven't restarted any services on server, just not jet, maybe is something I should try before that.
Any ideas?
More thanks, Alar.