Iíve just installed bm3xvpn7 on a PC without a Novell Client. The
installation proceeded normally, but after rebooting, running vpnlogin.exe
generates the following error:

"Error Starting Program: The CLNWIN32.DLL file cannot start. Check the
file to determine the problem."

I copied CLNWIN32.DLL and CALWIN32.DLL from a PC with a Novell Client, and
the error goes away. Wasnít 3.8.4 pulled for this very reason?

Scott Stowers
Manager, IT
Plastic Suppliers, Inc.

PS: Aside from this problem, Iím a big fan of 3.8.7. The new
"HKLM\Software\Novell\VPN\Current\IKE NAT KeepAlive Time" key appears to
solve the IKE NAT Keep-alive, BM v3.8 C2S random disconnect-y stuff some of
us were seeing.