I opened this SR on Friday(06/24/2011) at 12:45 PM local(GMT +5), i.e almost at 08:45 AM (GMT +1) in Europe.
after receiving no technical assistance On Monday at almost 04:00 PM local(GMT +5) I tried to chat with Mr Engineer, but he was on lunch, On same day at 07:25 PM I once again tried to chat with Mr Eng, and he told me that he will email me within next 25 mins, and I got his email

With regards to Service Request 10704177801 ('mgr-ncc-sync -c url' fails on SUSE Manager)

Have you installed the latest maintenance updates - a similar bug was resolved and a fix was released just last week.

1 - cant he tell me the same on Friday ? or cant he tell me the same earlier on Monday( first half) ?

On Tuesday, I update the system and provide him the latest logs at 12:50 PM local(GMT +5), but got no reply yet.