I guess there are people who are able to make iPrint work with Windows 7, but I seem to be not one of those people. There seems to be too many pieces to this puzzle that I have to worry about, and I'm having trouble getting a good feel for where the problem is.

Most of our computers are XP, but we are starting to roll out a few Win-7 machines. I believe I have the iPrint client loaded on a Win-7 machine ok, but it's hard to tell, since I can't seem to get a Win-7 print driver into the broker. First issue was that loading a driver to the broker via iManager doesn't like Firefox. Ok, no problem, I'll try IE. I begin the process and, when I tried it last week, the driver files were copied, but then the browser sat for about 10 minutes before finally returning an error. Alright, maybe an issue with IE8, so I went to an older machine [Win-2000 Server] that had IE6 - same problem. Today, I tried it again, and I get the error that I can only load a Win-7 driver from a Win-7 machine [why it didn't give me this error last week, I don't know]. So, after jumping through hoops to get the iPrint client installed on a Win-7 machine, because it won't let you add drivers to the broker if you don't have iPrint installed, when I go to "Add From File", the machine responds with "To use this printer, you must install the corresponding printer driver. To continue, click OK."

But... I'm not installing the printer yet, just the drivers into the broker.

In any case, I click OK, and it appears that I can browse my way to the .inf file and choose the driver I wish to install and, like before, the browser returns an error. Since I can see the error again, it is as follows:

com.novell.emframe.fw.servlet.AuthenticatorServlet .service(AuthenticatorServlet:341)
java.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet. java:802)

And I'm using iManager 2.7.2 [could be part of the problem... having issues upgrading that, too]

I'm not sure, but I think this is less to do with the Xerox drivers than it is to do with iManager/iPrint. In any case... if anyone can point me in a definitive direction to get this all working, I'd certainly appreciate it.