Hello all,

I'm going to be building a new OES2 Linux cluster. The nodes will be running on ESXi 4.1. Back end storage will be an HP P4300 SAN.

We're currently running an OES2 NetWare cluster on physical hardware attached to a couple of iScsi target devices(one netware 6.5, one SLES 10). We run some NSS volumes for shares and home directories, GroupWise post offices, an MTA, DNS, DHCP, and iPrint. I'm looking to move the GroupWise stuff and storage resources to the new cluster. I'll be bringing in a consultant to do the GroupWise stuff. I'd like to build the cluster myself to save on time and $$$ with the consultants. I built the NetWare cluster myself so I understand the concepts behind the clustering.

What I'm looking for is any feedback regarding install problems, tips, things that I should look out for. Are the Novell docs enough to get through the install? Last time I used a combination of the official documentation and a cool solutions article.

Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom!