Hello everyone,

I am having a strange problem which to be honest I don't think is related to the Novell Client, but I am being forced into proving Novell Client's innocence. Since upgrading to Novell Client 4.91 SP5 IR1 we have seen a random Network Cards become disabled automatically.

What is happening is that the Network Card becomes disabled by itself. Obviously this is a huge problem as the helpdesk can no longer remotely connect to fix the problem and must rely on the "end-user" to help us. What makes the problem worse is that I can not identify the exact cause and have seen no references to it on the Internet...

Because we loose network connectivity, I can't troubleshoot remote. However, I have seen first-hand a NIC become disabled after a simple reboot. Problem is that on this same workstation I have had times where I could reproduce the problem and times when I could NOT!! Which makes troubleshooting the problem even more difficult. (I hate these problems)

Again it is not every workstation that has this problem. And It is not isolated to a single type of NIC. In fact it is only a small percentage of workstations
We have workstations with older Novell Clients which have had the same problem, however we have yet to find a workstations without a Novell Client to have this problem. (However we have very few workstations without a Novell Client)
That being said, the helpdesk has reported that most of the workstations have been "fixed" by downgrading the Novell Client. This combined with the fact that the problem only started after the upgrade has lead to the belief that this problem is cause by the Novell Client...

What troubleshooting I did seend to indicate that the problem was related to Windows Service "Wired AutoConfig". On a number of the workstations I saw, there was an entry in the Event Log stating that this service has disabled the NIC during boot. I know this service is only used for 802.1x authentication across a wired ethernet connection (And we do use 802.1x with our WIRELESS connections) but there is very little information about this service out on the Internet. Long story short, disabling this service seemed to to the trick.

However we have since found other workstations were the NICs are becoming disabled on boot, and this fix is not working!

I found that on some workstations, if I go to the properties of the NIC and modify the "Wake on LAN" or "Wake up Capabilities" properties, that it seems to fix the problem. But again, this only worked on a couple workstations...

Has anyone ever seen this problem? Any ideas?

Thanks for any help you can give.

Bob Brandt