Hello everyone,

I have another weird problem.

We have a number of workstations which use wireless NICs. These NICs are setup to connect to the preferred wireless network on boot - giving the user a "wired experience"

And 9 out of 10 times this works perfectly, however every once in a while, the network card will not connect until after login. This is obviously a problem as firstly the user is unable to login without a connection to the network. Second, there are microsoft login/boot scripts that should run before the user even logs in.

We have tried many solutions to the problem, and have found that the most reliable way of fixing the problem is to uninstall the Novell Client, Reboot, Re-install the Novell Client.

It should be noted that we do have two different wireless networks.
A WPA2 Passphrase network which our wireless workstations use with a long complicated passphrase.
A WPA2 Enterprise network which our laptops use which authenticates through a RADIUS server.

The problem we are having are with the workstations connected to the WPA2 Passphrase network. However a "work around" has been to check the "login using 802.1X" checkbox, this will of course fail after the set timeout, but this action seems to kick the network card forcing it to connect to the wireless network, by that time the 802.1X timeout kicks in and the client is able to authenticate normally. But this is not a fix!

Does anyone have any idea how/why this happens?

Bob Brandt