Hi, a question:
It is possible to force send mails for some users outbound, if there are in the same domain ? Its not required, that they have an NDS- or GW-Account.

We have 1 GW-Server on Site 1 with users with xxx@domain.com. Other Users on Site 2(small Site) have an account on a internetprovider with yyy@doamin.com (same DNS-Domain). This user gets the mails with pop3 from this provider and send it also with this provider with smtp.

Now user xxx@domain.com wants send an email to yyy@doamin.com. I think, GW tells xxx@domain.com, that this user doesnt exist. I want to force this mails(some defined user) to send it outbound (with a relay in the GW-internet-agent.)

Is there a solution ?

Thanks Heiko.