I have had this twice before and have had some success during testing

but now I have real live server with LAN card problems - accidently yanked
the cable!
and this is on the Motherboard (it works but cable won't stay in properly

what I've done

in YaST remove old card, rebooted server (disabled in the bios)
installed a new card

went back in... the new card shows up as ETH1 not ETH0

so I did rcnetwork stop
vi /etc/udev/rules.d/30-net_persistent_names.rules
deleted entry for the old card
changed ETH1 to ETH0 for the new card
then /lib/rename_netiface eth1 eth0
rcnetwork start

then rebooted to make sure

I can't ping the router or any other pc on the lan

Re-tried this several time...

any ideas whats wrong (it has worked in the past)